If you plan on using Symbolset, or any licenced fonts, in your public project remember to add them to your .gitignore file to prevent others from freely downloading them.

This is what a .gitignore typically looks like at Symbolset.


It’s important to do this step before you commit the files though. Git keeps a record of everything, and digging though past commits will turn up the files even if they are removed at a later date. It’s still possible to fix if you’ve accidentally leaked your fonts already though. Github wrote an exellent article on removing sensitive data from your git repo. To play it safe you can alternatively use Symbolset hosting in your public projects and not have to worry about handling font files at all.

Our DMCA Takedown request

Last week, a customer brought it to our attention that a number of open source projects had our fonts in them, inadvertently free for anyone to take. We reached out to the maintainer, he understood and removed the fonts from his fork. Unfortunately, the repos had over 200 forks collectively, and there was no way we had the man power or time to reach out to all of them. So we opted for a DMCA Takedown, a kind of legal ban hammer which would take care of the many forks.

We understand that it’s not entirely clear that putting the fonts in a public repo will break the license—and these people likely had no idea they were doing such—but it does fall under redistribution. Our appologies to anyone who had a repo removed or locked today.