New updates are available for SS Standard and SS Social, including new icons and browser improvements.


15 new symbols have been added to SS Standard v1.002 (pictured in white above): zoom in, zoom out, send, hdd, log out, dollar sign, book, open book, thumbnails, redirect, delete date, droplet, direct up, direct left, and direct right. We have also refined the calendar icons (a popular request).


6 new symbols have been added to SS Social v1.001 (pictured above): rdio, spotify, lastfm, github’s octocat, like, and rss.

On the CSS side, we’ve added a class called right , which you can use to have an icon appear to the right of your text (default is left).

Also included in this update: improved pixel-sharp rendering for WebKit browsers, and increased legacy support for older browsers and devices (including Android 1+, iOS 3.2+, Chrome 1+, Safari 2+, and Opera 10.5+).

Updates are free for existing customers, go to your account to download the latest package. Make sure you grab the latest JS and CSS too.

We’ll continue adding more symbols and keywords periodically.

UPDATE: We just pushed a small CSS-related bug fix to the SS Standard v1.002 update (if you already downloaded, just grab the CSS file from the new v1.002b download).