At Symbolset it’s always a pleasure to work with talented designers on new designs and add to our ever-growing library of sets. Today we’re thrilled to announce SS Junior by Jory Raphael!

Junior is a collection of simplified, rounded icons perfect for use at tiny sizes. Its approachable shapes remain clear at even the smallest sizes to deliver precise results anywhere. The set is drawn on a 16px grid, guiding proportions and adding cohesion. It includes 200 icons offering many options to help you communicate with ease and clarity.

This set launches with 200 glyphs and 325 keywords.

Get the charming SS Junior for $40.

We welcome SS Junior to Symbolset! It’s our fourth set made by Jory Raphael who also previously released Symbolicons Block, Line, and Forecast. If you’re an icon designer with big ideas and high standards, get in touch!