At Symbolset it’s gratifying to work with talented designers on new designs and add to our ever-growing library of sets. Today we’re excited to announce SS Air by icon heavyweight Jory Raphael!

Air is a collection of elegant and playful icons perfect for use at medium sizes. Air’s contrasted stroke weight achieves a unique charm. It’s gentle and inviting, dynamic yet balanced. Air employs a 32px grid and supports the same character set as Junior, however it refuses to be simply a linear counterpart. Air has developed a personality to call its own with clever solutions and soft lines.

This set launches with 264 glyphs and 407 keywords.

Get the effervescent SS Air for $40.

We welcome SS Air to Symbolset! It’s our fifth set made by Jory Raphael whose previous releases include Symbolicons Block, Line, Junior, and Forecast. If you’re an icon designer with big ideas and high standards, get in touch!