Today we are pleased to announce the launch of hosting!

Hosting is an optional add-on providing the best experience for seamlessly integrating Symbolset on the web.

Backed by a super-fast global content delivery network (CDN), our lightweight hosting only requires a line of code to get you started.

Hosting lets you organize and combine your purchased sets into an unlimited number of projects, making it easy to use multiple sets together on a variety of websites. It takes care of file management, optimization, and other annoyances like cross-origin (CORS) setup—especially useful for use on services like Tumblr where control over asset hosting is limited.

Updates are also made easier, just republish your project and your site is instantly updated.

Try hosting completely free for 30 days! After that it’s just $4/month, and includes unlimited projects and up to 500,000 page views per month. Get the add-on during checkout or from your account page at any time.

Hosting has been one our most requested features, and we hope you enjoy using it!