The story behind Symbolset…

On a sticky night last summer I sat in an apartment with no air conditioning and drew a snowman. I added the crude glyph to a typeface I’d created and sent it to Skylar.

We were experimenting with OpenType keywords, developing a proof of concept for what would later become the semantic symbol font. Nothing had worked yet.

My inbox chirped. Skylar responded with not text but a screencast of himself testing the font in Illustrator. The feature worked, and with no audio he exclaimed, “!!!!”.

It’s nearly a year later and we’ve since founded Symbolset. We’ve shipped our first product, Standard, and will soon release Social.

Symbolset’s products are tools for designers and developers. We make for makers. I’m very excited to finally get this first set into the hands of makers.

I hope you share that “!!!!” feeling we did with every successful keyword.